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Below you'll find some of our most recent projects. Each one of these projects was an opportunity to hear our client's needs, build a relationship, deliver on their needs, and back up our work with responsive service.


Clifton Jones Theater


The Long



Artusa Hall





Custom Video

Fly Pack

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Red Door Homes

## / Clifton Jones Theater

The Clifton Jones theater presented a few major challenges as Lodestar Labs set out to complete a retrofit of the small intimate theater. Most important of these: we faced an incredibly tight timeline of just two weeks. The old system could not be decommissioned until one show completed its run, and the new system was needed for tech rehearsals for the next show.

The client needed incredible speech intelligibility and gain before feedback in the audio system. Rigging would be very difficult, as there was an extensive custom sloped drop ceiling 10' from the high steel and the PA would need to be positioned very precisely in that space for optimum coverage.

​The lighting system called for replacement of a conventional tungsten lighting grid and an aging house lighting system with an all-LED house system and LED and LED Moving light instrument package for the stage – and all of this in a space that didn't support standard lifts. Additionally, the project required major power system and signal path retrofit throughout.

​​Despite the challenges, our team had the experience and creativity to tackle the monumental project and razor-thin timeline. Through the use of atrium lifts, considerable preparation, and the team's commitment to work off hours, the project came together just in time for the rehearsals of a play that would go on to win technical awards for lighting design.



  • 10x Alcons LR7 Micro Line Array Boxes

  • 2x Alcons LR7B Micro Sub

  • 2x Alcons V8 Stage Monitors

  • 2x Alcons Sentinel 3 Amplifiers

  • Midas Pro 1 Audio Console

  • 20x Beyerdynamic TG1000 Wireless Units

  • 20x Customized Audix Mic Elements

  • BSS Blu 800 Series DSP


  • 20x Chauvet E-91 FC LED HD 

  • 12x Chauvet B-1965 LED Cyc Wash

  • 12x Chauvet Maverick MKII LED Moving Head Profile

  • 8x Chauvet LED Fresnel F-915VW

  • 38x Chauvet H-265-FC House Light

  • 8x DMX King sACN DMX Node

  • 1x Chamsys QuickQ30 Console

  • 1x Wireless Solutiions BlackBox 5g

  • 1x Interactive Solutions CueServer Pro 2


  • 1x Blackmagic Television Studio HD

  • 1x LG LED TV

## / TPC @ Sugarloaf

The pro's club at Sugarloaf takes the comfort and service of its members extremely seriously, so when they decided to expand their facility and retrofit existing spaces they placed a high emphasis on quality, ease of use, and innovation.

The TPC team asked for centralized control systems for the entire facilities' audio, user lockout to prevent guests from changing volume levels, auto volume leveling and adjustment in events spaces, as well as multiple source availability in each space.

LSL took the challenge seriously and delivered.

To change the existing cobbled together mass of consumer grade parts into a professional commercial grade audio installation required significant effort in pulling new cable, tracing existing paths and finding creative places to house equipment.


LSL created a system that sent audio from various sources between all major events spaces, used in space microphones to auto regulate volume when events caused ambient noise levels to rise and fall significantly, and installed premium mid sized speakers through out the entire space - filling it with full range, powerful sound.


Additionally LSL tuned each individual zone with its own DSP processing which coupled with the system design helped provide very precise level and source control throughout the facility, giving every space the custom experience it deserves. 


  • 32x JBL Control 226 Speakers

  • 2x BSS Blu 100's

  • 3x Contrio EC-8BV Controllers

  • 2x AKG CBL 201 Microphones

  • 3x Crown DCI 4 300N Amplifiers


  • Custom programed auto volume mode(can turn on/off in each space as needed) raises and lowers ambient music volume depending on loudness of ambient speech/noise

  • Can send sources from any event space to all others.

  • Integrates SONOS systems, traditional 1/8" jacks, TV/Cable Boxes, Event Space Mixers as selectable sources in all zones.

Overcome Challenges

  • Improper existing cabling

  • Low levels of cable pull access

  • No extra space for equipment placement

## /The Long Forum

The Long Forum is a multi purpose facility that hosts anything from concerts, to sporting events, even worship services and student gatherings.It was equipped with an aging DSP and PA system that was consistently failing the Forum technical team at the worst moments. 

LSL stepped in to provide a multi function PA system that could well meet the needs of each unique event.

ILSL advocated for the Alcons Audio system for the preferred PA in the venue as it uses ribbon driver technology and integrated DSP to provide incredible clarity, long throws, controlled full range bass, high precision of coverage and very low levels of off axis projection. In a gym type environment wave fronts can fade quickly into reverberance, smearing time of arrival and transient response as well as dulling frequency response. Additionally low end can begin to pile up creating a boomy dull response. With the Alcons system and deft  system tuning by Philip Peglow, the system performs incredibly well despite the serious acoustic challenges.


  • 18x Alcons LR18 Mid Size Line Array

  • 4x Alcons BC552 Cardioid Sub

  • 7x Alcons RR12 Horizontal Array

  • 7x Alcons Sentinel 10 Amplifier

  • Midas Pro 2

  • Midas DL 231 Stage Box

  • Midas DL 153 Stage Box

  • KT DN9650 Interface

  • 2x BSS Blue 806 DSP

  • 2x BSS Contrio EC-8BV Controllers

  • 2x BSS BIB

  • 2x BSS BOB

  • 2x BSS USB

  • Custom Panels

  • Custom Plates


  • Dual Zone System designed to alternate between concert mode and public address.

  • Incredible coverage and impact with less boxes of PA  (from 12 boxes per side of old system  to 9 boxes per side with front fills in new system) and less boxes of sub. (Went from 20x subs with old system to 4x subs with new and had improved coverage and 20db more headroom.)

  • Tied control room environment into main PA DSP to increase signal flexibility and system simplicity

Overcome Challenges

  • Little to no labelling of existing cabling and conduit paths.

  • Low levels of cable pull access

  • Difficult install window

## /Custom 4K Video Flypack

A live events production company approached LSL about creating a full 4K Flypack that had it all. It had to be affordable (as most live events customers aren't interested in paying for a broadcast studio on their live event) it needed to be fully 12G compatible through and thought - from cabling to patch panel, from router to SDI converters.


It needed to be able to handle almost anything that could be thrown at it: multi camera shoots, web streams, recorded shoots, signal distribution, complex audio routing, networking, and even IP matrix com. So LSL worked closely with the client to provide a system that exactly matched specifications and could deploy or pack up in a literal 2 minutes.

What they ended up with is truly an impressive system - a densely packed rack every inch of space filled with as much functionality as possible. It's so functional that we keep hearing back on the ways that the system surprises with its flexibility and power. 

Lodestar is truly proud of the way this system performs day in and day out through the toughest truck packs, smallest setup footprints, and most difficult venues


  • Blackmagic ATEM 4M/E Switcher

  • Blackmagic ATEM 1M/E Control Panel

  • Blackmagic 40x40 12G Router

  • Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K

  • 2x Blackmagic Smartview 4K

  • Blackmagic Smartscope 4K Duo

  • Apple Mac Mini engineering computer

  • Atomos Shogun Studio Recorder

  • Misc Teranex 4K SDI/HDMI Converters

  • Behringer X32 Rack

  • 2x Behringer P16 Individual Monitor Mixers

  • Green Go IP Matrix Com Director Station MCXD

  • Green Go IP Matrix Com Engineers Station MCX

  • GreenGo Interface-X 2Wire and 4Wire Interface

  • Ubiquity Switches , Gateways, and AP's

  • APC Smart UPS 1500

  • Sony 4K Television

  • Tannoy Audio Monitors


  • Completely 4K /12G capable

  • Custom color coded patch panel

  • Custom shock mounting solution

  • Deploys in minutes

  • High ease of maintenance

Overcome Challenges

  • Extremely precise rack specifications

  • Needed extreme attention to detail to maximize build space and function

  • Needed precise requirements for ventilation and temperature control due to density.

Video Fly Pack
## / Artusa Hall

One of our favorite projects Lodestar has ever done was a construction renovation 

project featuring DIRT heavy timber systems.

LSL had to work around a constantly evolving schedule with multiple subs and an integrate with an innovative computer cut heavy timber system throughout the facility. They also faced the challenge of a low load bearing floor. LSL had to incorporate the use of atrium lifts, and difficult conduit routing to get access to all of the areas needed.

As the design phase began LSL wanted to create a system that was incredibly flexible as the use of the space had not been fully fleshed out during design and even the build process.

To that end they incorporated DeSisti motorized battens with power and data for the lighting system. That system had to be perfectly coordinated with the acoustic cloud system so that everything could fit precisely together and accommodate the moving track system.

Additionally LSL selected the Alcons Audio LR7 micro line array system to provide an incredibly clean look, while also covering the beautiful 1000 seat performance hall beautifully front to back. They added BC332 subwoofers to the stage floor for use when program material required heavy impact bass.



  • BSS 806 DSP

  • 4x BSS Contrio EC-8BV

  • Shure ULXD

  • 12x Alcons Audio LR7

  • 4x Alcons Audio LR7B

  • 4x Alcons Audio VR12 Monitors

  • 2x Alcons Audio BC332 Subs

  • 4x Alcons Sentinel 10 Amplifiers

  • Summit AVB Switch

  • Chauvet NetX


  • Custom FOH Furniture

  • Flexible Routing System

  • Motorized Rigging with Signal/Power

  • Recessed Projection Screens

  • Motorized Curtain Control

  • Integrated System control using Crestron

Overcome Challenges

  • Incredibly demanding construction schedule

  • Consistent off hours work required

  • Complicated rigging and custom steel fabrication required

  • Light duty floor required exclusive use of atrium lifts for all work

  • Constantly changing work environment as regards to which subs were working on which pieces of the project.

  • Extremely complicated drawing and design coordination.

Artusa Hall
## /Red Door Homes

Red Door Homes contacted Lodestar with an ambitious digital signage project. They had three sites at which they planned to build sales centers for their custom home construction business. They needed to synchronize their messaging across all three sales centers - each of which had close to 20 displays. They also needed the ability to have a 3rd party design firm update content frequently, have a user transparent workflow, integrate other applications into the system, have reliable uptime, and of course - keep the project to a reasonable budget.

Lodestar's solution was to use customized signage devices running software from our preferred signage partner: ScreenCloud. With almost every display getting their own player, and a giant 4 screen matrix with its own 4K player, Red Door Homes was able to create an incredible visual journey for their clients as well as display timely sales promotions.

Other integrations offered by the signage solution included adding each office's calendar to a vertical display - giving staff and clients a clear visual of what the day's sales and selection appointments looked like. In some sales centers they incorporated a large touch screen monitor to allow clients to build their home digitally right in the office. The entire system can be maintained and updated almost entirely remotely at no detriment to the office staff or end clients.

The signage system LSL delivered has continued to provide great value as a sales tool and cost savings versus traditional media in all of the Red Door locations.


  • 70x Philips Commercial TVs

  • 1x Touch Screen TV

  • 40x Power Control Modules

  • 40x Customized Signage Players

  • Partner Signage Software

  • 3x Blackmagic 12G Quad

  • 3x Blackmagic 12G HDMI to SDI

  • 12x Blackmagic SDI to HDMI Mini

  • 3x Ubiquity 24 Port Switches

  • 6x Ubiquity AP's

  • 3x Smart UPS


  • Complete remote management

  • Individual screen source control

  • High level of network security

  • Integrate calendar, website and other existing customer platforms

  • Large 4 screen matrix display 

Overcome Challenges

  • Coordination across three separate locations.

  • Two new constructions and one retrofit

  • Remote management and service required for individual displays

  • Coordination with 3rd party network provider and 3rd party design firm.

  • Evolving client needs through project phases.

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