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Have you had this happen: You call an integration company and think you have explained exactly what you want in your system. After two months they come back with a quote and they have totally miss what you explained to them.

We have.

That is why we originally formed Lodestar Labs. We were frustrated with the way the Audio Visual industry works and we set out to change the process. We want you to know something from the beginning- What you say is the most important aspect of our job. Our goal is to use our clients valuable input and design systems that are robust, innovative and fitting for the job. While we have preferred brands, we take the clients consideration into upmost consideration. That means we do not brand push for profit. We seek the very best system for you- period. Our key markets include: Performing Arts Centers, Theater, Churches, Educational Facilities, Tour Designs, and Commercial Office Installs. If you have found yourself here, there is a high possibility that we are the perfect fit for your project! We would love to talk to you. Click below and let us know about your company and how we can serve you and your organization.



Tel. 678.961.3875

Atlanta, GA