Alex Fleming

Alex has been in the production, media, and events business since the early 2000’s. He has a deep electronics, physics, programming, and music background which have served as the underpinning of his skill set. Working in recording studios, live events, professional broadcasts, film and video shoots, house of worship productions, theaters and tours helped hone the technical skills into time tested expertise that he applies to every event he works on.

Though the technical and creative outlets integration offers are indeed exciting, the most exciting thing about any project for Alex is the ability to care for people. Large or small interactions, fleeting or lasting - client, staff, or vendor - whoever and however, it is his sincere hope that people feel valued and cared for in every interaction.

Trey Meares

Trey has toured extensively, built stadium lighting rigs, built special effects systems, sports team activations, custom camera control interfaces, even a replica Congolese village. He knows how to bridge different systems together, and not just with a hot fix - but a lasting, simple, and elegant solution.  

As much as Trey enjoys connecting disparate systems, he consistently prioritizes connecting and caring for people at every opportunity. Trey brings joy, energy, and momentum to every environment.


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Atlanta, GA

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