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Alex Fleming

Alex has been in the production, media, and events business since the early 2000s. His deep background in electronics, physics, programming, and music is the basis of his diverse skill set. Through working in technical operations, creative, management, and infrastructure rolls in recording studios, live events, professional broadcasts, film and video shoots, house of worship productions, theaters and tours, he has honed his time-tested expertise that he brings to every project.

As he worked as an operator, technician, manager, system designer, creative, or integrator, Alex quickly realized that there were some consistent areas where most AV providers failed to provide a compelling product or service and felt strongly that this the industry needed to meet this need more consistently. 


Though he loves the technical and creative challenges, the most exciting thing about any project for Alex is the ability to help people. Large or small interactions, fleeting or lasting, client, staff, or vendor, it is his sincere hope that people feel valued and cared for in every interaction.

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