Red Door Homes - Digital Signage

How do you unify your branding, messaging, content and sales promotions across three different sales centers?

How do you save thousands of dollars yearly in printing, design time, shipping, and installation costs?

The answer to both questions is the same (and is fast becoming ubiquitous even across small businesses throughout the country) - Digital Signage.

Many businesses balk at some of the more expensive signage options - set top players that are large, bulky, and limited in functionality all for a fairly expensive price tag have precluded many businesses from investing more extensively into signage solutions - but for Red Door Homes - Lodestar Labs had the opportunity to design an extremely cost effective and powerful signage system that unified three separate locations, while offering incredible sales enhancement and productivity tools to the company.

The key to the system was the use of open OS signage devices in conjunction with one of the most powerful cloud based Signage systems available: ScreenCloud.

Lodestar has a great working relationship with ScreenCloud and with their support were able to load 60+ signage players with dynamically updated (and powerfully integrated) signage.